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We, at JeTisland, would like to present you with a compilation of JeTi fanfics. Although not every single JeTi fanfic is included, there are many (One-shots, Ongoings, Drabbles, Completed) fics to read that are already listed, and we will continue to add onto it as time progresses. One-shots and Drabbles can be found in the One-shot section above, while Ongoings and Completed fanfics can be found in the Ongoing/Completed section. Fanfics in which the author has provided a public download link will have a download next to their names. There will also be the list of downloadable content at the very bottom the Ongoing/Completed page. Yummicooki, one of the 6 admins of this blog, has gone through the trouble of compiling all of these awesome fanfics for all of you to enjoy, so please be thankful and make sure to drop some love for her in the ask box or on her twitter. Fanfic Fridays are fanfic recommendations made by our fanfic admins: Debby, Vanderly, and Jin. Look forward to your Fridays!

Please be aware that no fanfics with a rating of NC-17 (smut) are included on the list, and that we do not plan on adding any in the future. So, in short, the ratings for these fanfics range from G to R. Fanfic requests that are not included on the compiled lists are welcome, but not guaranteed. If you have a suggestion of a JeTi fanfic that was not included, then please send the link to it on our ask box. Any messages complaining and/or asking “Why is my fanfic not on here?”, “Can you put my fanfic(s) on the list?” “Why did you not make a compilation of ______ pairing?” or “Where’s the smut?” etc. will be ignored. If you want to be heard, the best approach is to be courteous. If you do find an error though, such as a broken link or labeling mistake, feel free to correct us.